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2 New Plans, Birthday & Summer

It's been a gorgeous cherry blossom season in Japan. We hope you are doing well.

Kyoyado USAGI provides several new plans for you to make your trip an unforgettable one.


◆ Japanese KAISEKI cuisine at Nijo Yamagishi plan / Beautiful WASHOKU dinner 

Nijo Yamagishi is located just a few minutes on foot from Kyoyado USAGI. You can enjoy beautiful Japanese traditional "Kaiseki" full-course cuisine. 

This Japanese-style appetizers are appealing to both your eyes and taste buds. The menu changes monthly, and is made up from carefully selected ingredients with their heart-warming services.


◆ Summer Fish of Kyoto / HAMO full course dinner plan at JIKISHIAN (May1-Sep30) 

Have you ever heard about HAMO? Hamo is a type of pike eel with rich nutrients and full of stamina.

The people in Kansai eat Hamo quiet often and is famous as a summer fish in Kyoto.

JIKISHIAN serves Hamo in different ways such as baked, raw, boiled and fried. You will be amazed how they cook differently.

We offer you a free taxi shuttle from us and back from JIKISHIAN.

If you are fish lovers, choose this plan and you'll love it.


◆ Stroll around Kyoto in Kimono plan 

Wearing a Kimono and take a stroll around popular sightseeing places will make your trip extra special.

Just bring yourselves to rental shop and explore the traditional streets in Kyoto.

After sightseeing, you can come back to Kyoyado USAGI straightly in Kimono and your belongings will be delivered by free to your room in the evening of the day.

You can choose beautiful Kimono at the shop and the staff will help you to get dressed.

Kimono rental shop also provides hairdo plan. You can add hair accessories or hand bags to let your Kimono outfit look more gorgeous and professional.


All above plans include one night accommodation fee and Kimono rental fee or dinner course fee. If you are planning consecutive stay, please contact us. We give you discount room rate.

Are you ready to explore Kyoto and make a special memory?

Please check our reservation page for more details.↓


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COVID-19対策とお得情報 / COVID-19 update & Lucky 7days




COVID-19対策  /  COVID-19 update  as of 2020.6.1 

⁂  ご到着時に検温をさせていただきます。 

  ≫ 恐縮ですが、発熱のある方は客室へのご案内をお断りする場合がございます。

⁂  客室入室時は、ご用意している消毒剤で手消毒をお願いしています。

⁂  ロビー(帳場台)と客室内に消毒用スプレーをご用意しています。

⁂  客室清掃(ルームメイキング)では、ドアノブ、テーブルなどを消毒剤で拭き取ります。

⁂  スタッフはマスク着用でお客様の対応をさせていただいております。

⁂  お客様にはご来館ご退室時、館内共有部でのマスク着用をできる限りお願い致します。

Please understand followings.

-Temperature measurement at your arrival.  May ask not to stay when it is high.

-Disinfect hands when check-in with our disinfectant.

-We set disinfectants at lobby and in your room.

-We wipe off door handles, tables etc when room making.

-All staff are wearing masks.

-Pls wear mask when check-in/out, at public space in our property.

「Lucky 7days」でご宿泊をお得に / Hidden Lucky 7days on calendar

既にご存知の方も多いと思いますが、京宿うさぎのホームページからご宿泊予約をされますと、他社予約サイトよりもお得である他、よりお得な「Lucky 7days」をカレンダー内に設定しています。これは弊社HPだけのお得な価格プランで、素泊りプランは通常価格より10%引き、連泊プランは20%引きになっていますので、大変お得で一番いいお部屋にも格安でお泊りいただけます。

現在HPから6カ月先迄予約が可能ですが、京宿うさぎが任意に選択した各月に、ランダムに設定したお得な宿泊日が各月7日間ずつ「Lucky 7days」が含まれています。京都でのご宿泊をお考えの方は、是非カレンダーをチェック下さいね。

プランページからカレンダーをチェックするにはこちらをクリック下さい↓            https://www.489pro.com/asp/489/menu.asp?id=26000028&ty=ser&list=YES&lan=JPN&liop=1

Our Lucky 7days are set in our calendar randomly to sell our rooms with special rates.  You can find them in standard plan (room rates are 10% off from nomal price)  and consecutive stay plan (20% off from normal price) calendars.  Please go to the  package list from below site addres  and find Lucky 7days in each plan calendar.  Please understand we excep it busuy months.

To go Eng. calendar page: https://www.489pro.com/asp/489/menu.asp?id=26000028&ty=ser&list=YES&lan=ENG&liop=1


京宿うさぎ スタッフ一同    Thank you and stay safe, stay happy.

10 うさぎ石畳.jpg

京宿うさぎの垂れ桜・インスタグラム開設/ Cherry tree in bloom. Instagram Account Opened




Hello, it's cherry blossom, SAKURA time in Japan.

Many people were planning to travel around in Japan, but probably many of you are staying at home right now.

So we will sincerely send some SAKURA flowering pictures.



A cherry tree in room "OIKE" is blooming.

It was 60% in bloom when stuff took pictures on 3rd April.



Because it was warm winter and the tree couldn't make much energy to make buds, the tree looks less flowers this year compared to usual.

However, we can see very vivid and beautiful pink color.



Also, you are able to see the tree while taking a bath.

This is a picture staff took from the bathroom.



The garden is lighted up at night, and you can spend luxury night in "OIKE" Kyoyado USAGI.



We opened our Instagram account, and we plan to post photo of our rooms, garden, events, and so on.

Please visit and check our page.


Booking.com クチコミアワード2020を受賞!/ Honored to be received GUEST REVIEW AWARDS 2020


Kyoyado USAGI is awarded GUEST REVIEW 2020 on Booking.com. We got 9.4 point out of 10, and are proud of higher satisfaction from our wonderful guests. We thank for our guests from our hearts.





「部屋の広さ、設備、雰囲気 何をとっても最高です」


「部屋が快適だった」  など多数お褒めのお言葉をクチコミ頂いております。


We'd like to introduce some comments from our guests.

"comfort very quite location"

"Huge size in comparison to hotels"

"Flat is amazing. Big, modern but with many Japanese touches. Comfortable beds, big bathroom with jacuzzi and wash&dry machine. Staff helpful and very nice. Super cleaned"

Thank you for lovely comments.



Kyoyado USAGI is luxury and open space Machiya accommodation. No other Machiya could feel Japanese tradition and modern style like we provide. We are looking forward to seeing you in the near future.





It's an award which is given to the accommodation that got the average score marked over 8 point of 10 among last year.


ICOM2019 トリ.jpg
ICOM KYOTO 2019 will be held in a main theme as "Musuems as Cutural Hubs: The Future as Tradition." ICOM is held once every three yeas, and one of the biggest project that over 3,000 experts of musuems  around 141 coutries and regions participate.  Kyoto has chosen as the venue this time and it is the first experience.  Kyoto is preparing various pre-post events and exhibitions in musuems and art galarries during ICOM.

Kyoyado USAGI  announce that our 4 delux sweet rooms will be change as "KOUGEI" exhibition venue to show Kyoto traditional cultures and hand crafts during ICOM. It is a grate chance to keep up and notify our traditional Kyoto "KOUGEI" to the world.


"KYOTO KOUGEI WEEK 2019" is held during ICOM.  The leaders of Kyoto artists and craftsmen gathers and shows their work in our beautiful suite rooms like you are traveling in Kyoto.


Date and time: Sat, 7 Sep. 2019  10:00~21:00

                         Sun, 8 Sep. 2019  10:00~18:00

Admission fee: free

Venue: Kyoyado USAGI

              1 Hokusei-cho, Nishinokyo, Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto  TEL: 075-821-1112

               URL https://www.usagi-yado.com/english/

Contact:  Sawada in KYOTO Prefectual Govermment Textiles and Crafts Division  ("KYOTO KOUGEI WEEK" excutive committee)  

                TEL 075-414-4888 http://kougeiweek.kyoto/


 Kyoto Association of Craft Artists, Kyoto Federation of Ceramics Association, SOMARU and "HIBIKI" a young craftsman group certified by Kyoto Prefecture

Sponsered by INOUE IKU Co., Ltd. (Kyoyado USAGI)


KKW2019ロゴ トリWeb大.png

Exhibition information in each room at Kyoyado USAGI. 

◆ Room "ONIWA", produced by "HIBIKI" a young craftsman group certified by Kyoto Prefecture

Introducing "Waza," the technique of KOUGEI by volunteer of HIBIKI. The young specialists shows variious types of crafts such as Kyo-Yuzen・Kinsai, Kyo-Insho(Seals), Kyo-Takekogei(Bamboo crafts). You will see their technical demonstration at the sametime.



IMG_3384 Web大.JPG

IMG_3421 Web大.JPG

IMG_3512 Web大.JPG

Room "OSORA", produced by SOMARU.

The products called "OFUKI" (silk wiping cloth for glasses and smartphone) with Kyo-Yuzen dyeing.  Also exhivits Kyo-Yuzen dyeing tools that you hardly see in stores or other places.  You may see their background how they make the products and Kyo- Yuzen.





◆Room "OYAMA", produced by Kyoto Federation of Ceramics Association 

They will serve Japanese SENCHA (green tea) and Hojicha (rosted green tea) with beautiful pottery tea set, Kyo-Yaki and Kiyomizu-yaki.   You will enjoy the technique of Japanese tea ceremony and tast of different Japanese tee here.  Please join their tea making seminor if you are interested in (please ask the exibitor at venue).


IMG_1803 Web大.JPG

IMG_2571 Web大.JPG

◆Room "OIKE", prooduced by Kyoto Association of Craft Artists

Kyoto Association of Craft Artists chosen exhibition ~Happy KOUGEI Hour~

It's a craftsman group of many artists to lead Japanese art & crafts since 1941. The 12 chosen artists  who will lead next generation in ceramic,  Japanese lacquerware, dyeing, weaving, metal wrok and glass work exhibits their fine works.  Japanese Sake will be served at happy hour in cooperation of Sasaki Shuzo.

DSC_4520 Web大.JPG

IMG_2406 Web大.jpg

Please feel free to visit KOUGEI EXHIBITION "JORNEY".

FotoJet JORNEY 単英.jpg





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