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ICOM KYOTO 2019 will be held in a main theme as "Musuems as Cutural Hubs: The Future as Tradition." ICOM is held once every three yeas, and one of the biggest project that over 3,000 experts of musuems  around 141 coutries and regions participate.  Kyoto has chosen as the venue this time and it is the first experience.  Kyoto is preparing various pre-post events and exhibitions in musuems and art galarries during ICOM.

Kyoyado USAGI  announce that our 4 delux sweet rooms will be change as "KOUGEI" exhibition venue to show Kyoto traditional cultures and hand crafts during ICOM. It is a grate chance to keep up and notify our traditional Kyoto "KOUGEI" to the world.


"KYOTO KOUGEI WEEK 2019" is held during ICOM.  The leaders of Kyoto artists and craftsmen gathers and shows their work in our beautiful suite rooms like you are traveling in Kyoto.


Date and time: Sat, 7 Sep. 2019  10:00~21:00

                         Sun, 8 Sep. 2019  10:00~18:00

Admission fee: free

Venue: Kyoyado USAGI

              1 Hokusei-cho, Nishinokyo, Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto  TEL: 075-821-1112

               URL https://www.usagi-yado.com/english/

Contact:  Sawada in KYOTO Prefectual Govermment Textiles and Crafts Division  ("KYOTO KOUGEI WEEK" excutive committee)  

                TEL 075-414-4888 http://kougeiweek.kyoto/


 Kyoto Association of Craft Artists, Kyoto Federation of Ceramics Association, SOMARU and "HIBIKI" a young craftsman group certified by Kyoto Prefecture

Sponsered by INOUE IKU Co., Ltd. (Kyoyado USAGI)


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Exhibition information in each room at Kyoyado USAGI. 

◆ Room "ONIWA", produced by "HIBIKI" a young craftsman group certified by Kyoto Prefecture

Introducing "Waza," the technique of KOUGEI by volunteer of HIBIKI. The young specialists shows variious types of crafts such as Kyo-Yuzen・Kinsai, Kyo-Insho(Seals), Kyo-Takekogei(Bamboo crafts). You will see their technical demonstration at the sametime.



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Room "OSORA", produced by SOMARU.

The products called "OFUKI" (silk wiping cloth for glasses and smartphone) with Kyo-Yuzen dyeing.  Also exhivits Kyo-Yuzen dyeing tools that you hardly see in stores or other places.  You may see their background how they make the products and Kyo- Yuzen.





◆Room "OYAMA", produced by Kyoto Federation of Ceramics Association 

They will serve Japanese SENCHA (green tea) and Hojicha (rosted green tea) with beautiful pottery tea set, Kyo-Yaki and Kiyomizu-yaki.   You will enjoy the technique of Japanese tea ceremony and tast of different Japanese tee here.  Please join their tea making seminor if you are interested in (please ask the exibitor at venue).


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◆Room "OIKE", prooduced by Kyoto Association of Craft Artists

Kyoto Association of Craft Artists chosen exhibition ~Happy KOUGEI Hour~

It's a craftsman group of many artists to lead Japanese art & crafts since 1941. The 12 chosen artists  who will lead next generation in ceramic,  Japanese lacquerware, dyeing, weaving, metal wrok and glass work exhibits their fine works.  Japanese Sake will be served at happy hour in cooperation of Sasaki Shuzo.

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Please feel free to visit KOUGEI EXHIBITION "JORNEY".

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ノンバーバル劇 GEAR/ Non verbal show "GEAR"

ART COMPLEXギア事務局さんに"GEAR"に招待いただきましたので、6月中頃にうさぎスタッフで行ってきました。







We were invited for non verbal long run show "GEAR" in later June.  The theater is 3 stations away from us by subway, only about 15 mins to get there!

The show is very atractive and marvelus projection mapping are very well used all over the show.  It is very famous show in Japan as well as overseas visitors, and it was almost fully booked when we visited.  Surprisingly, a harf of audience is oveseas visitor!!!  Needless to say it is easy to understand the story when non verbal.  

The story has lots part of laughfing, applauding and crying.  Performers are well trained to move around in such a small hall.  They sometimes come to audience seats and include us in the show.  It is warth watching and non stop 90 minutes exciting show will become your great souvenir.

It seems they have so many acters and changes them every time, means the show changes a little bit in every show time.

Here we have very hot Kyoto Summer but how is watching it in a cooler hall.  We bet you enjoy this cool show and cool hall in Kyoto.  It's going to be great experience & chance!!


席の予約はHPまたはお電話で! Booking is avairable on HP or Phone below!

HP:https://www.gear.ac/     HP in English: https://www.gear.ac/en/

場所:〒604-8082  京都市中京区三条御幸町角 1928ビル3

Adress: 3F 1928Bld. Sanjo-Gokomachi Kado, Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto, 604-8082

電話/TEL:075-254-6520(通常開館 10:00-19:00)/ +81-75-254-6520 (Open :10am-19am)

USAGI FESTA is Coming!

It is the time for our annual event, USAGI FESTA!

You will meet more than 30 Japanese art exhibitions and art & crafts in our 4 suite rooms.

Exprole our suite rooms in this special 2 days and find yourself a memorable goods and people! 

Admission free!!  Come and enjoy the day.


Held at:  Kyoyado USAGI

               1 Hokusei-cho, Nishinokyo, Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto  TEL: 075-821-1112

Date:  1st - 2nd June 2019

Time: 11:00 - 17:30


Japanese top: Jyakkyu /Bags and jewelry: MURA-LA/ Colored pencil drawing: C Noritake/ Glass tableware: K Hirono/ Kyoto fan: Y Yonehara/ Kyo Kumihimo: Showen/ Kinsai: Takenaka Kinsai/ Felt crafts: M Soga/ Shin Manyo zome: Kyoto Kawabata Shoten/ Accessory: SINRA/ Specislity store of Raden: Sagaraden Nomura/ Hand painted yuzen: Dyeing studio Masashige/ Nishijin fabric: Taiyounekutai / Metal crafts: Kobayasi Kazarikanagu Koubou/ Kyo Yuzen Kinsai: Fuzuru Kougei/ Hikihaku: Rakugei Kobo/ Kyoto Potter: Soryu-Gama/ Japanese bells: Nanjo Koubou/ Japanese Candles: Nakamura Rosoku/ Bamboo crafts: Kyoto Takekoubou Yusui/ Nishijin fabric Tsuzure: Nozaki/ Kyoyaki & Kiyomizuyaki pottery: Waran/ Shirusi-Zome: Sugishita/ Buckwheat husk dye: T Nagaoka/ Paper Quilling: Atelier*A/ Metal crafts: Nishina Flag Co. Ltd./ Stone stamp books: Ishikawa Sekizai/ Stone crafts: Kawanami Sekizai/ Arrange OIKE room: Okininoutsuwa/ Tea and sweets: Matsuha/ Matcha: Mokuraku-annNakaji, etc

Cooperative Co.:

KYOTO Prefectual Govermment Textiles and Crafts Division / City of Kyoto Industry & Tourism Bureau Traditional Industries Section/ KYOTO City Government Traditional Industry Division/ Kyoto Museum of Traditional Crafts, Fureaikan


INOUEIKU Co. Ltd. (Kyoyado USAGI)

Proudly Awarded Guest Review 2018

We are proudly announce that Kyoyado Usagi awarded GUEST REVIEW AWARDS 2018 of Booking.com.  We were given 9.3 points out of 10 and this is the continuous award since 2017.

This high score is from all our guests stayed with us in 2018.  We are so proud of GUEST REVIEW AWARDS 2018 and so much appreciated our lovely guests from all over the world including Japan.


Here you will see our high points on Booking.com today, 9.4 superb 40 reviews 

  • Cleanliness 9.4
  • Comfort       9.7
  • Facilities      9.6
  • Staff             9.5
  • Value for money  8.8
  • Free Wi-Fi            8.8
  • Location               8.9

This is very high score in Kyoto and you will love our MODERN JAPANESE RYOKAN STYLE rooms.  There will be nothing like KYOYADO USAGI in Kyoto.  Our delux suite rooms and suite rooms are 136㎡ ~ 101㎡ wide and full of reluxing spaces.  It is worth to stay.

We are looking forward to having you here at KYOYADO USAGI in the near future.

Thank you.



Now for the 3th time!  It's getting bigger and bigger every year.

More than 20 Japanese Art exhibitions in our 4suite rooms.

You will meet Japanese traditional arts such as hand made dishes and bowels,

Paper crafts, stone arts, bamboo crafts, textiles and more!

USAGI FESTA2018 リーフレット_English.jpg 


【DATE】19th (Sat),20th (Sun) 2018


【PLACE】Kyoyado Usagi  /english/




Stained glass : Misao Yamauchi

Glasriten : Akiko Yamauchi

Japanese style Painting : MarikoYoshida

Bags and jewelry : MURA-LA

Japanese top : Jyakkyu

Rippougaran(Buddhist altar) : Tomsawyer

Calligraphy : Ishikawa Jyoetsu

Bamboo crafts : Takekoubou Kisetsu

Kinsai-yuzen : takenaka kinsai

Hikihaku : Rakugeikoubou

Bakery : KANA-KIYO

Bakery : Jyunko Fujioka

Candy arts : Nanako

Wood working : Moritohitotoki

Icing cookies : Milleepi

Japanese candles : Nakamura rosoku

Kyoyaki / Kiyomizuyaki : Waran

Stone crafts : Kawanami Sekizaiten

Stone stamp book : Ishikawa sekizai

Bamboo crafts : Kyoto take-kobo yusui

Tsuzureori : Nozaki

Spatial design : Okinino utsuwa


〈Work shops〉*Requires a fee

19th and 20th

・Glasritzen (Akiko Yamauchi) : Glass Engraving

・Japanese top (Jyakkyu) : Make tops


・Icing Cookies (Milleepi) : Make cookies with Icing.

①     11:30~

②     13:30~

③     15:30~



INOUE IKU Co.Ltd( Kyoyado USAGI)

Cooperative corporation〉

KYOTO Prefectual Govermment Textiles and Crafts Division

Kyoto Museum of Traditional Crafts,Fureaikan


Visit us and get a free souvenir!

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